We were travelling to Edmonton, 450 kilometres away to visit the city’s Hindu temple. While the experience was very rewarding the time and effort and not to mention the road conditions in the winter made the journey extremely difficult. All of this resulted in a void on the spiritual side. This continued until the summer of 2009.

The Grande Prairie Hindu Association is a non-profit community based organization dedicated to building a Hindu temple in Grande Prairie; to adopt and promote our religion and culture.

The temple is an institution that will serve innumerable generations to come. When finished this will become the most northern temple in Canada. Building plans are being discussed as to its design, local building codes, structural safety, and standard needs of the community.


Temple Hours

Mon-sat 6:30- 7:30pm

Sun. 11:00 -12:00pm

Followed by prasad and preetibhoj


As a result of philanthropy a group of seven joined together to donate a piece of land just east of Grande Prairie to be used as a site for a future Hindu temple. A beginning was made and the site was rezoned from residential to commercial.